ISO 14001 : 2015


Manufacturing companies, as well as service providers, are working hard to make supply chains eco-friendly due to the enhanced global awareness. Most of the organizations gain the substantial competitive advantage because of their practices of aligning their commercial objectives with global ecological concerns. ISO 14001 is known as an environmental management system standard suitable for organizations of any size. It provides a systematic framework based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology for integrating environmental management practices by supporting environmental protection, preventing pollution, minimizing waste, and reducing energy and materials consumption.

Benefits of ISO 14001 certification:

  • Improves your marketability and sales. This can also significantly improve your bargaining position when taking part in public and private green procurement tenders.
  • Reduces cost by minimizing wastage throughout the supply chain, from materials to energy consumption. It can also contribute to significantly reducing your regulatory and environmental liability.
  • Enhances your reputation by promoting your brand image and company morale.

ransition Policy for ISO 14001:2015

The latest version of ISO 14001 was issued on 5th September 2015 as an upgrade to ISO 14001:2004. The required deadline for the transition is the 15th of September, 2018. All certificates issued worldwide will expire after this date.

We would like to encourage all existing certified clients to convert their systems as per the requirements of ISO14001:2015 as early as possible to get the benefits of the revised standard.

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